The University Neighborhood Preservation Association is pleased to present the nominees for the inaugural year of UNPA’s Community Awards!

Our the Annual Report to the Community will be held on Thursday, September 15th at the Thornden Park playground & pavilion. A potluck will begin at 5:30pm, followed by a short program at 6:15. Winners will be announced. Please join us!


Community Advocate

Who do you know that gives back to our neighborhood like no other? Someone who is a champion that keeps the community running and makes it even better? Often seen with a clipboard or sending emails.

  • Miranda Hine, Thornden Park Association, Discovery Summer Camp creator, weeds, prunes and cares for Thornden like no other
  • Julie Gozan, keeps the 800 block of Maryland in touch and an advocate for owner-occupancy, former board member at Cooperative Federal, volunteer at Ed Smith
  • Anthony Terrinoni, president and coach, East Side Soccer and  rocket club at Ed Smith

Curb Appeal

Someone who went for it. Didn’t stop at plopping some annuals in a hanging basket (or buying them at the market). They dug deep, they sowed and they made sure no weed stopped them.

  • Kristin & Garrett Esposito, Lancaster Avenue
  • Sarah & Jamin Brown, Maryland Avenue (also noted for exterior renovation)
  • All Saints Church, 1340 Lancaster Avenue

Home Restoration

This person went above and beyond to bring life back to a house and made it a home. Someone that the neighbors saw lugging in lumber each weekend and spending every evening painting or sanding a part of the house.

  • Kristin Montague & Michael Faulkner, East Genesee Street
  • Katherine Korba & Luke Cody, Tecumseh Street