From the Meadowbrook Gardeners: 

As you may be aware, over 5 years ago a small group of us started the Meadowbrook Garden Project.  We started it to beautify the green space, to prevent graffiti on the concrete guards, and to create a sense of community in the neighborhood.  It started with a handful of end caps.  It has grown to include all of the end caps between Nottingham High School and Barry Park.  The additions of the birdhouses and the wrought iron “Meadowbrook Neighborhood” signs have further enhanced the look of the area. The City of Syracuse provides the annuals for the gardens as well any mulch we need.

As the project has grown, and some volunteers have moved or found less time to do weekly maintenance, the effort to keep up the quality of the gardens has increasingly fallen on a small handful of people.  Since this project is currently completely done by volunteers, we are soliciting the entire neighborhood for assistance in some form.  There two ways you can help.

  • Volunteer.  We need additional people to volunteer to join the teams on each end cap, donating some time to weed and water through the summer.  Having more members on the team eases the burden on each team member.  Just let one of us know that you would like to volunteer and we will put you on an existing team.
  • Donations.  We are starting a fund to pay someone to weed and water those end caps that are not being covered.  We will also use funds to buy perennials not supplied by the city and equipment such as hoses.  All three founding members of the gardening committee will oversee the funds.  At the end of each year, an accounting of the money raised and spent will be sent to the email list

We would hate to see the end caps revert to grass, but if they are not being maintained properly we would have no recourse.

Thank you in advance. Please feel free to share this with neighbors and friends.

David Kirby Connie Palumb Dan Stricker

446-3824/382-3390 415-2954 446-4528

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Donation Amount $____________________

David L. Kirby

Make check payable to David Kirby and mail to: 106 Mineola    Syracuse NY 13224