UNPA Awarded Grant from Preservation League of NYS

September 14th, 2017

Jay DiLorenzo, Preservation League of NYS, with David Michel, UNPA past president

University Neighborhood Preservation Association was awarded $10,800  from The New York State Council on the Arts together with the Preservation League of New York State and the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation. The 25th round of grant funding through Preserve New York were announced on September 12th at a news conference in Albany. Crawford & Sterns of Syracuse will complete the Historic Structure Report of the Gustav Stickley House.

Grant Johnson, PACNY & WNA, and Dave Michel

The Preservation Association of Central New York received a $10,000 award to complete a State and National Register Nomination for the neighborhood. The Greater Syracuse Land Bank was awarded $4,000 for the completion of a building structure report of The South Presbyterian Church, 2110 S. Salina Street, by Holmes, King, Kallquist Architects.

From the PNY Website:

Onondaga County
University Neighborhood Preservation Association – $10,800
Gustav Stickley House Historic Structure Report

The Gustav Stickley House in Syracuse is one of the premier Arts and Crafts sites in the United States. The house was constructed in the Queen Anne style in 1900, but in 1901 Stickley redesigned the interior in the Craftsman style after a large fire. The contrast in styles between the  exterior and interior is essential to understanding the birth of the modern Arts and Crafts movement in the United States. Although there has long been an interest in preservation of the building, efforts to rehabilitate the structure failed in the 1990s and eventually the building was transferred from the L & JG Stickley Company to the University Neighborhood Preservation Association (UNPA). A $10,800 Preserve New York grant will enable UNPA to hire Crawford & Stearns of Syracuse to complete a Historic Structure Report of the Gustav Stickley House. Analysis and documentation of the deteriorated structure will serve as a guiding document for complete restoration of this important building.

Preservation Association of Central New York – $10,000
Greater Westcott Neighborhood Reconnaissance-Level Survey and State and National Register Nomination 

The Westcott Neighborhood in Syracuse is a streetcar suburb which illustrates urban and social changes from the late 19th through the early 20th centuries, including the rise in popularity of single detached homes, which developed individually or in small groups. The neighborhood retains a commercial hub as well as a number of religious and civic buildings. Today, Westcott remains a vibrant residential area consisting of both owner-occupied structures and rental properties. A $10,000 Preserve New York grant will enable the Preservation Association of Central New York (PACNY) to hire Samuel D. Gruber and Bruce Harvey of Syracuse to complete a State and National Register Nomination for the neighborhood. PACNY is the regional organization tasked with promoting preservation best practices, and knows that a successful nomination of the Greater Westcott Neighborhood to the National Register will enable more building owners to take advantage of New York State Rehabilitation Tax Credits.

Greater Syracuse Land Bank – $4,000
South Presbyterian Church Building Condition Report

The Greater Syracuse Land Bank is a public authority tasked with returning vacant and abandoned properties to productive use. The Land Bank seeks responsible buyers for properties which are locally designated as historic, or listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. The Land Bank’s goal is to find buyers who can renovate and maintain the properties, and avoid demolition whenever possible. The South Presbyterian Church at 2110 S. Salina Street, which dates to 1906, boasts a limestone exterior with stepped gables and an interior that seats over 1,000 and features a distinctive curved balcony. This State and National Register-listed building needs a new owner to maintain and preserve it. A $4,000 Preserve New York grant will enable the Greater Syracuse Land Bank to hire Holmes, King, Kallquist Architects of Syracuse to complete a building condition report of the church to provide guidance on preservation and maintenance for prospective new owners.