The Parks Dept. will be partnering with Galaxy Communications to host a Tailgate Party in Thornden Park on Saturday, Oct. 15, before the Va. Tech game.   It will run from 1 to 3 p.m., and the activities will be centered around the Amphitheatre and the fieldhouse.  They will have live remotes with Sunny 102 and KRock (two Galaxy stations), former SU football greats Rob Drummond and Kirby DarDar will be on hand, as well as inflatables for the kids, a visit by Otto the Orange.  Some of the area Pop Warner teams will be selling refreshments out of the fieldhouse as a fundraiser for their teams, and there will be a small beer stand, but that will be monitored by security.  Those purchasing the beer can only stay within the Amphitheatre and a small area around the Fieldhouse.  They will not be able to roam around the park.

The Parks Dept. wanted to make sure the neighbors were aware of the event, and if able, would come out and join us.
They are hoping that this will be a successful venture and one that can continue in following years!