UNPA Seeks New Director

The part-time Executive Director is responsible for executing the University Neighborhood Preservation Association (UNPA)’s mission, which is to:

  • Promote owner-occupancy of homes in the area east of Syracuse University campus
  • Provide homebuyers assistance, low-interest home improvements loans, and other incentives
  • Market the University Neighborhood as a good place to live, and
  • Partner with municipal agencies, the University, and other neighborhood organizations to do so.

The University Neighborhood Preservation Association, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization incorporated in 1990. UNPA primarily administers homebuyers assistance programs that help families and individuals purchase homes in the UNPA Target Area.

The Executive Director will represent UNPA, engaging with UNPA partners, Syracuse University, neighborhood organizations, and university area residents. The Executive Director will encourage and assist individuals and families to become and remain owner-occupants in the area east of Syracuse University (as defined by the UNPA service area). This will be accomplished through promotion of the neighborhood and by overseeing financial assistance programs to homebuyers seeking UNPA grants & loans. Executive Direction engages with community partners, SU, neighbors. Neighborhood residency strongly preferred (ZIP Codes 13210 or 13224).

The Executive Director will carry out the policies as set forth by the UNPA Board of Directors, implement activities to accomplish UNPA’s strategic plan, complete specific assignments at the direction of the Board, head UNPA’s community engagement and promotional activities that seek to effectively achieve neighborhood improvement. Executive Director will also identify opportunities to improve quality of life, cultivate community and to preserve and grow home ownership in the university neighborhood through expanded funding opportunities and initiatives. Ideal candidate would be forward thinking, be innovative and have leadership qualities to guide and fulfill the strategic plan.

Major duties and responsibilities include:


Track expenses and submit quarterly reports to the City of Syracuse Department of Neighborhood & Business Development and other funders as developed.

Promote applications for, and oversee the development of, specific financial assistance to home purchasers who intend to remain in or move to the neighborhood by:

  • Encouraging and assisting purchasers in applying for UNPA grants/deferred loans.
  • Clarifying the selection process by informing applicants that applications  are subject to the approval of the property transition committee.
  • Managing the application process in liaison with attorney
  • Collaborate with Home HeadQuarters on the 1% loan program.


  • Create and carry out promotional and marketing activities for the neighborhood by participating in neighborhood events and cooperative planning with neighborhood programs.
  • Develop and distribute information about UNPA’s program as well as various neighborhood activities using social media, Constant Contact, website and similar means
  • Assist in the formation of groups, agencies and cooperative arrangements that enhance the areas attractiveness to residents.
  • Serve as UNPA’s representative on other boards, committees, and similar organizations. Meetings are generally in the evenings. There are some weekend events.
  • Develop and support programs and events that cultivate community and showcase neighborhood assets.
  • Serve as Liaison with Syracuse University’s Office of Community Engagement and other University Hill institutions, city of Syracuse departments, elected officials, partner agencies and organizations, etc. 


To develop fundraising plans and actively seek funding to maintain and grow UNPA’s ability to be a force for change in the community. Activities will include:  identifying potential new funding sources, and preparing and submitting proposals for funding.


  • Carry out efficient operational duties with monthly reports to the Board.
  • Oversee UNPA programs to ensure appropriate rules and regulations are being met, tracking and reporting history of granting activity to provide the Board with comprehensive information for decision-making and for use in organizational grant writing activities.
  • Ensure UNPA’s fulfillment of fiduciary and tax requirements, maintaining a productive office format including retention and updating of records and coordination of internal activities.
  • Work with CPA for yearly audit.
  • Maintain HUD Secondary Funder approval (submitted every 2-3 years)
  • Develop and recommend an annual budget to the Board which specifies sources and amounts of funding and potential utilization of these funds.


The Executive Director’s position will be salaried, and the Board will fix the salary and benefits annually.  The Board will determine the specifications of the Executive Director’s qualifications, and will expect a rough documentation of hours spent on various tasks. 

The Executive Director shall serve at the pleasure of the Board and will be responsible for other duties as assigned by the Board.

Position is part time, averaging 15-20hrs/week, flexible schedule with required regular evening meetings & additional meetings as needed with community members, government and institutional liaisons. 

The Executive Director will work from a home office. UNPA files, office equipment and supplies will be housed at the Executive Director’s residence. This includes (2) 2-file cabinets and (1) 4-file cabinet, banner, poster boards, 10×10 tent, 6ft folding table and various other supplies and boxed files.

Board & committee meetings are generally held on Wednesdays from 6-7pm. Prepare monthly board packet, including agenda, financial reports, executive director’s report and strategic planning status. 

Salary range: $24,000-$28,000 commensurate upon experience.

Applications accepted through October 4th will receive full consideration.

Please submit Resume and Cover Letter to unpa.syracuse@gmail.com